List Of Rebuttal Arguments

  1. Carbon Dioxide Levels Were Higher in the Past Therefore It Is Alright if They Are Higher In the Present
  2. More Carbon Dioxide is Good for Plants and Agriculture
  3. Human Carbon Dioxide Emissions are Small Compared to Natural Emissions
  4. Carbon Dioxide Levels are too Small to Have an Effect on the Climate
  5. Volcanoes Emit More Carbon Dioxide than Humans
  6. There is no Consensus Among Scientists on Global Warming
  7. It Is Only A 1.4 Degree Increase
  8. It’s the Urban Heat Island Effect that Contributes to Global Warming
  9. The Sun is Responsible for Global Warming
  10. Mars and Other Planets are Warming Up
  11. The Climate Has Always Been Changing
  12. An Ice Age was Predicted in the 1970s
  13. It is Colder During the Winter in the United States and Elsewhere
  14. So What if the Arctic Sea Ice Melts?
  15. Cold Weather Kills More People than Hot Weather
  16. The Email ‘Scandal’: The “trick” to Hide the Meaning of the Word Trick
  17. The Email ‘Scandal’: The Missing Warmth
  18. Scientists are Faking Global Warming Because of the Money They Make from Government
  19. 32,000 Scientists, 9,000 with PhDs, do not Believe in Global Warming
  20. Those who Believe in Global Warming Changed the Phrase to “Climate Change” in Order to Deceive the Public
  21. Believing in Global Warming Goes Against the Bible
  22. Global Warming is a Socialist Conspiracy
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Tips and Tricks to Beat the Heat

As a resident of Los Angeles, I have found myself battling the summer heat. At times it has gotten up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 Celsius) in some parts of the city.

I used to have an air conditioner but the electrical wiring in my old apartment was not able to run it and other electrical appliances at the same time. Then it gave up the ghost and I was in serious trouble. But I decided not to replace it and see how I would survive.

At home, I would walk around naked and I got used to temperatures up to 100F (38C). A fan doesn’t give any relief over that temperature even if you put frozen water bottles in front of it. Then one day it got up to 117F (47C) outside and inside of my apartment.

I came up with an idea. I placed a two-gallon bucket of water in a small chest freezer and waited until it had a thin layer of ice on top. I then punched through the ice and dipped a tight fitting t-shirt into the frigid water. When I put it on I shivered for less than two seconds but immediately after that, I felt blissful relief. That effect lasted about twenty minutes and then I rinsed and repeated it again.

Nighttime is worse, being that temperatures only go down by about 20F (11C) from daytime temperatures. This means that at times temperatures would get no lower than 90-95F (32-35C). At those temperatures, the house cannot be cooled off by opening windows.

So I dipped a bed sheet in the frigid water, put it over me, and had a small oscillating fan blow across it. The fan will relieve you only if the water is frigid not just cool.

If the power were to go off, as it sometimes does when there’s peak demand for electricity, then you would have to rely on your freezer keeping the water cold for a few days. Open it every once in a while to keep the humidity from making the inside mildewy.

I suggest investing in a chest freezer. An upright freezer will lose much of its cold when the door is repeatedly opened. Fill up your freezer with 1-gallon bottles. Take about 10% of the water out since the full bottle will expand when freezing.

I can’t wait for the next heat wave to try out some new ideas!

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Cold Weather Kills More People than Hot Weather

Skeptics say that there are more cold-related deaths than those who die of heat-related causes. This is supposed to mean that a hotter climate is preferable to a colder one.

Regardless of whether an individual prefers warmer weather rather than cold, there is a limit as to how warm it could get without affecting us adversely. More important than physical warmth for the individual is the total effect that warmer weather will bring throughout the earth. Skeptics don’t acknowledge the impact on people from droughts and floods.

Direct heat deaths killed anywhere from 35,000 to 70,000 in Europe in 2003. While some may quibble over the exact cause of the heat or drought, saying that it was not global warming but ‘natural’ causes, the point is that ever-increasing temperatures due to our Carbon Dioxide emissions will give us more of these droughts and floods, as well as direct heat related-deaths.

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So What if the Arctic Sea Ice Melts?

Skeptics, when they are not claiming that the Arctic Sea ice is growing or staying the same ignore the implications of its disappearance by saying “So what if it melts?”

There are two reasons why it’s important, the first being less important than the second:

First, it is a clear indication that the earth is indeed warming.

Second, and most important, an ice-free Arctic will drastically alter the weather in the northern hemisphere where the majority of people live. To understand how the weather will be changed we need to know how the ice currently affects it and what would happen without it.

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There is no Consensus Among Scientists on Global Warming

Yes, there is consensus among scientists no matter what Skeptics claim.

About 93% or more of individual scientists* agree that there is global warming and that we are the cause of it.

When Skeptics debate that, they refer to meteorologists and atmospheric scientists who, according to misinterpretation of some sources, are equally divided in their opinion that there is global warming and that it is caused by man. However, in a paper by the American Meteorologist Association, Meteorologists’ Views About Global Warming – A Survey of American Meteorological Society Professional Members we read that:

Climate science experts who publish mostly on climate change and climate scientists who publish mostly on other topics were the two groups most likely to be convinced that humans have contributed to global warming, with 93%* of each group indicating their concurrence. – Page 1033

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Carbon Dioxide Levels Were Higher in the Past Therefore It Is Allright if They Are Higher In the Present

Skeptics like to point out that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels were much higher in the past and therefore such large amounts would have little consequence in the present. Some even say that it will improve our environment.

In order to understand how CO2 levels affected us in the past, we need to understand the difference between the recent past, the ancient past and the deep past. The recent past is thousands to hundreds of thousands of years ago. The ancient past is millions to tens of millions of years ago and the deep past is hundreds of millions of years ago.

The further back in time we go the more different the earth becomes with CO2 levels having different impacts on its climate.

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It’s the Urban Heat Island Effect that Contributes to Global Warming

The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) is a phenomenon in which the concentration of structures and waste heat from human activity (mostly air conditioners and automobiles) results in slightly warmer air over cities and suburban areas when compared to surrounding rural areas. It has been suggested that UHIE has significantly influenced temperature records over the 20th century when there was rapid growth of urban environments. This, some Skeptics claim, is the reason for global warming.

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