Cold Weather Kills More People than Hot Weather

Skeptics say that there are more cold-related deaths than those who die of heat-related causes. This is supposed to mean that a hotter climate is preferable to a colder one.

Regardless of whether an individual prefers warmer weather rather than cold, there is a limit as to how warm it could get without affecting us adversely. More important than physical warmth for the individual is the total effect that warmer weather will bring throughout the earth. Skeptics don’t acknowledge the impact on people from droughts and floods.

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So What if the Arctic Sea Ice Melts?

Skeptics, when they are not claiming that the Arctic Sea ice is growing or staying the same, ignore the implications of its disappearance by saying “So what if it melts?”

There are two reasons, the first being less important than the second:

First, it is a clear indication that the earth is indeed warming.

Second, and most important, an ice free arctic will drastically alter the weather in the northern hemisphere where most people live. To understand how the weather will be changed we need to know how the ice currently affects it and what would happen without it.

Should the ice melt, it will expose open ocean water with the following chain reaction of effects:

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There is no Consensus Among Scientists on Global Warming

Yes, there is no matter what Skeptics want you to believe.

About 97% of climate papers stating a position on human-caused global warming agree that there is global warming and that we are the cause of it.

When Skeptics debate that, they refer to meteorologists and atmospheric scientists who, according to misinterpretation of some sources, are equally divided in their opinion that there is global warming and that it is caused by man. However, in a paper by the American Meteorologist Association, Meteorologists’ Views About Global Warming – A Survey of American Meteorological Society Professional Members we read that:

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Carbon Dioxide Levels Were Higher in the Past Therefore It Is Allright if They Are Higher In the Present

Skeptics like to point out that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels were much higher in the past and therefore such large amounts would have little consequence in the present.

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It’s the Urban Heat Island Effect that Contributes to Global Warming

The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) is a phenomenon in which the concentration of structures and waste heat from human activity (mostly air conditioners and automobiles) results in slightly warmer air over cities and suburban areas when compared to surrounding rural areas. It has been suggested that UHIE has significantly influenced temperature records over the 20th century when there was rapid growth of urban environments. This, some Skeptics claim, is the reason for global warming.

However, the temperature map below, put out by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, shows that temperatures are much warmer in Siberia, Alaska and Northern Canada where there are very few and small urban centers.

GISTEMP February 2015

Figure 1: A temperature anomaly map from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies for February, 2016. The greatest temperature difference is in areas of the world that are the least populated.

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Mars and Other Planets are Warming Up

Skeptics often times say that Mars and other planets are warming and that somehow explains why the Earth is warming. They suggest that humans cannot be the cause of global warming since we are not on those other planets.

However, other planets have radically different atmospheres and climates than ours and they get warmer and cooler for reasons that are not related to anything that is happening on Earth.

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The Email ‘Scandal’: The “trick” to Hide the Meaning of the Word Trick

When the so-called e-mail ‘scandal’ broke out, a number of carefully selected statements from several scientists were chosen to give the false impression that they were engaging in covering up the facts about Global Warming. One of these statements was from Phil Jones, who was quoted as saying:

“I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick […] to hide the decline”.

The entire quote, however, is:

“I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (from 1981 onward) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline”.

Skeptics removed 19 words from mid-sentence (Not including the words in parenthesis).

With this context missing, particularly the phrase “add the real temps, it is falsely interpreted to mean that Jones was ‘tricking’ the public and ‘hiding’ something. But does it really mean that or is it a case of professional jargon that was opportunistically quoted out of context?

The word “trick” can be used in two different and opposing ways. One is to fool somebody or play a prank on them. The other more serious definition is to present a shortcut or different way of solving a problem. Every profession, scientific or otherwise, has their own system of solving problems and they adopt the phrase “Tricks of the trade” to show other members different ways of solving a problem or learning something.

Below are examples of how the phrase is used by scientists, doctors, and other professionals:

Also, scientists and other professionals use the word “trick” alone:

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