Global Warming is a Socialist Conspiracy

In America, socialism is bent on removing individual freedoms and placing the government in charge of our lives. The global warming issue is an important liberal strategy for the advancement of socialism, under the environmental movement guise of saving the Earth.

Conservapedia: Socialism and global warming

Most Skeptics tend to be Conservatives and the ideology of Socialism is an obsession with them. They believe that any issue the government plays a role in is invariably Socialistic. Usually, most of them find themselves hard pressed to explain how global warming is ‘Socialistic’. Those few who do have three explanations:

First, they say that Liberals and Socialists believe in global warming and, since everything that Liberals and Socialists say is wrong, that means that it cannot be true.

Second, they equate cap and trade agreements with a redistribution of wealth to other poorer nations which, like all forms of redistribution, are supposed to be Socialistic as well.

Finally, they say that all other ways of dealing with global warming increases the control of government over individual’s lives. That too is considered to be “socialistic”.


These absurd comparisons are based on a very broad and simplistic definition of Socialism and the assumption that a group of scheming scientists and other politically motivated people are plotting to take over world. This idea is typical of conspiracy theories. Once you get into conspiracy theories all rational conversation ceases.

Below is an interview with Lord Monckton, a leading Skeptic spokesman, where he explains how the issue of global warming is a communist/socialist conspiracy to create a one-world government. His comments on a world wide dictatorship starts at the 1:37 mark.

After watching him ask yourself, “Is he a reliable source of information on any other subject?”



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