Carbon Dioxide Levels are too Small to Have an Effect on the Climate

Small things can have a large impact.

Skeptics often times tell us that carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere, compared to the other gases, are too small to have any effect on the climate. The assumption is that small amounts of anything cannot have a meaningful impact. Common sense proves that assumption wrong since there are many substances that can affect you even in small amounts.

Imagine that a doctor prescribes some medication, and you are supposed to take one capsule a day. That one capsule is very small in size when compared to your body, but its effect on your body is what matters, not its size.

Now imagine that you decide to take three or even four times the medicine that the doctor prescribed thinking that you can get well three times faster. Instead of getting better, you will overdose on that medication.

Greenhouse gasses, like carbon dioxide, are no different. The design of the molecule, not how much of it there is in the atmosphere, is what gives it a much greater ability to retain heat than other gasses. Increase those levels, even by a small amount, and you’ll get further warming.

Image result for atmosphere gases

A pie chart measuring the percentage of volume of atmospheric gasses.

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Human Carbon Dioxide Emissions are Small Compared to Natural Emissions

Based on an article by John Cook at

Some Skeptics argue that human CO2 emissions are small compared to natural emissions, therefore human emissions are of no consequence. Humans emit 29 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. In contrast, land and vegetation emit 439 billion  and, the ocean emits 332 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. It is obvious that 29 billion tonnes of human emissions are small compared to 771 billion tonnes of natural emissions. But is this the full picture?

Carbon Cycle emissions Skeptics version

Figure 1: Human CO2 emissions compared to natural CO2 emissions in gigatonnes

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Global Warming is a Socialist Conspiracy

In America, socialism is bent on removing individual freedoms and placing the government in charge of our lives. The global warming issue is an important liberal strategy for the advancement of socialism, under the environmental movement guise of saving the Earth.

Conservapedia: Socialism and global warming

Most Skeptics tend to be Conservatives, and the ideology of Socialism is an obsession with them. They believe that any issue the government plays a role in is invariably Socialistic. Usually, most of them find themselves hard-pressed to explain how global warming is ‘Socialistic.’ Those few who do have three explanations:

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The Email ‘Scandal’: The Missing Warmth

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. -Kevin Trenberth

Trenberth’s statement was misinterpreted by those who orchestrated the fake ‘Climategate’ scandal. The statement is distorted to mean that there is no global warming. That is not the case.

Trenberth’s job is to track exactly how much energy is reaching us from the sun, and how much of that warming has been absorbed by the air, land, oceans, and melting ice. He also calculates how much is reflected or radiated from each of these places. The more global warming there is the more energy is absorbed by all of these places.

Therefore, Trenberth was talking about where some of the warmth has gone, not that it is cooler. The illustration below shows what the situation is. Please note the lack of information from the deep oceans.

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An Ice Age was Predicted in the 1970s

Skeptics say that many scientists in the 1970s predicted an ice age. By saying this, they hope to create the impression that scientists are as wrong today as they were back then.

In the thirty years leading up to the 1970s, available temperature recordings indicated a very slight cooling trend. Also, air pollution from fossil fuel burning was thought to have been reflecting sunlight, thus cooling off the earth. As a result, a few scientists suggested that the current warm period after the last ice age could end, which might result in the Earth plunging into a new ice age over the next few centuries.

The media picked up on this and, a long list of local papers, weekly magazines, and television reports trumpeted reports of a coming ice age.

At the same time, however, a much greater number of scientists published contradicting studies. Their papers showed that the growing amount of greenhouse gases that humans were putting into the atmosphere would cause much greater warming – warming that would exert a much greater influence on global temperatures than any possible natural effects.

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Scientists are Faking Global Warming Because of the Money They Make from Government

Typical of the slander that Skeptics like to indulge in is the claim that scientists are making up global warming simply to earn a salary and get funding from the government. Other than the slanderous arrogance such an accusation is based on there is a logical flaw in it.

There is a wide assortment of scientists and other professionals who are either directly employed by the government or receive research grants such as nuclear physicists, astronomers, medical personnel, chemists, biologists, etc. Are we supposed to assume that their respective fields are fraudulent just because they have a salary? Are we supposed to believe that the moon landing was faked just because NASA received billions of dollars and their scientists, engineers, and technicians had good salaries?

Skeptics never answer those questions.

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It is Colder During Winter in the United States and Elsewhere

Skeptics like to point out what is happening, in limited portions of the world, as if the same thing was happening all over the world. It helps to see the big picture, though.

According to Skeptics, the fact that it gets cold in limited regions of the world is supposed to prove that there is no warming throughout the rest of the world. However, the temperature map below for February of 2019, shows it was as warm, warmer, or much warmer than 70 years ago throughout 97% of the world. About 3% of the earth was colder than past temperatures for the same time period. Most of the colder weather in that month occurred throughout most of the United States and Canada. However, temperatures were up to 11.8 degrees Celsius (21.24 degrees Fahrenheit) higher in most of Alaska, Siberia, and Russia.

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The Climate Has Always Been Changing

Skeptics like to mention that Earth’s climate has always been changing and that there is thus no reason to worry about its changing today.

When the climate changed radically, millions of years ago, there were extinctions of plants and animals. It did not affect humanity because we did not exist back then.

When we did exist, as primitive hunter-gatherers, we could pick up our spears and gathering baskets and move to a different place if we did not like the weather in our local area. There were only a few million of us back then.

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32,000 Scientists, 9,000 with PHDs, do not Believe in Global Warming

Skeptics like to mention that there is a multitude of scientists that do not believe in global warming. They refer to a petition put out by the late Dr. Frederick Seitz, a physicist by training. In this petition, it is claimed that there are 32,000 scientists who do not believe in human-caused global warming. Some background is necessary to understand this hoax.

In the late 1970s, Seitz became a consultant for the tobacco industry. He funneled funds into so-called research that claimed that there was no scientific evidence that smoking was dangerous to one’s health.

In 1984 Dr. Seitz founded the George C. Marshall Foundation, a conservative think tank that dedicated itself to rebutting several ecological issues. He argued that air pollution was not a threat to health and that the issue of global warming was fraudulent.

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Those who Believe in Global Warming Changed the Phrase to “Climate Change” in Order to Deceive the Public

Skeptics accuse those who believe in global warming of having changed the phrase “global warming” to “climate change” in order to deceive the public. They claim that the change was made in order to explain any natural phenomenon other than mere warmth. They also state that this change was relatively recent, although they rarely say when it was made. By saying that it is recent, one could assume that they mean in the last decade at the most.

However, the phrase “climate change” or “climatic change” has been in the scientific literature for almost sixty-five years. With respects to human-caused climate change, the earliest known scientific papers using the phrase (In the titles) were published in 1956.

Below is a condensed list of scientific papers, from before the year 2000, with the phrase climate or climatic change in their titles:

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