List Of Rebuttal Arguments

  1. Carbon Dioxide Levels Were Higher in the Past Therefore It Is Alright if They Are Higher In the Present
  2. More Carbon Dioxide is Good for Plants and Agriculture
  3. Human Carbon Dioxide Emissions are Small Compared to Natural Emissions
  4. Carbon Dioxide Levels are too Small to Have an Effect on the Climate
  5. Volcanoes Emit More Carbon Dioxide than Humans
  6. There is no Consensus Among Scientists on Global Warming
  7. It Is Only A 1.4 Degree Increase
  8. It’s the Urban Heat Island Effect that Contributes to Global Warming
  9. The Sun is Responsible for Global Warming
  10. Mars and Other Planets are Warming Up
  11. The Climate Has Always Been Changing
  12. An Ice Age was Predicted in the 1970s
  13. It is Colder During the Winter in the United States and Elsewhere
  14. So What if the Arctic Sea Ice Melts?
  15. Cold Weather Kills More People than Hot Weather
  16. The Email ‘Scandal’: The “trick” to Hide the Meaning of the Word Trick
  17. The Email ‘Scandal’: The Missing Warmth
  18. Scientists are Faking Global Warming Because of the Money They Make from Government
  19. 32,000 Scientists, 9,000 with PhDs, do not Believe in Global Warming
  20. Those who Believe in Global Warming Changed the Phrase to “Climate Change” in Order to Deceive the Public
  21. Believing in Global Warming Goes Against the Bible
  22. Global Warming is a Socialist Conspiracy
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