Those who Believe in Global Warming Changed the Phrase to “Climate Change” in Order to Deceive the Public

Skeptics accuse those who believe in global warming of having changed the phrase “global warming” to “climate change” in order to deceive the public. They claim that the change was made in order to explain any natural phenomenon other than mere warmth. They state that this change was relatively recent although they rarely say when it was made. By saying that it is recent, one could assume that they mean in the last decade at the most.

However, the phrase “climate change” and “climatic change” has been in the scientific literature for over a hundred years. With respects to human-caused climate change, the earliest known scientific papers using the phrase were published in 1956 (In the titles of those papers).

Below is a condensed list of scientific papers, from before the year 2000, with the phrase climate or climatic change in their titles:

1996: Climate Change: 1995: The Science of Climate Change: Contribution of Working Group I to the Second Assesment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

1994: Managing the global commons: The economics of climate change

1994: What do people know about global climate change? 1. Mental models

1993: Reflections on the Economics of Climate Change

1991: The cost of slowing climate change: a survey

1991: Climate change and wildfire in Canada

1990: Global climate change and US agriculture

1989: The potential effects of global climate change on the United States: Report to Congress

1986: The greenhouse effect, climatic change and ecosystems

1984: Response of unmanaged forests to CO2-induced climate change: available information, initial tests and data requirements

1983: Effects of a CO2-Induced Climatic Change on Water Supplies in the Western United States

1980: On the distribution of climate change resulting from an increase in CO2 content of the atmosphere

1978: What might man-induced climate change mean?

1977: CO2 and Climate: Possibly severe consequences of growing CO2 release from fossil fuels require a much better understanding of the carbon cycle, climate change, and the resulting impacts on the atmosphere

1976: Climate Change and the Quality of Life for the Earth’s New Millions

1975: Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?

1961: Man’s activity as a factor in climatic change

1956: The Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climatic Change

And finally: 1920: Science, religion and climate change

Based on their claim that the phrase “climate change” is a recent invention one can tell that Skeptics have not studied the scientific literature on the subject.

What is the difference between “global warming” and “climate change”? Simply put, global warming is the cause; “climate change” is the result.

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